Why Should You Watch Anime? From Vampires To Cats, It’s Got It All

Have you heard of P2P? No doubt that these places can let you download anime movies for free, this is no free lunch in this world really. When you use their services, there is a way you would have to “pay” them which is to view their sponsored ads. You get them through adware that are secretly installed onto your PC. Beware of other harmful elements like computer viruses and spyware. And not forgetting about the slow file transfer.

Gaming started simple, and it’s returned. I started “gaming” when games were published in magazines or books and you typed them in yourself. We’re almost back to that… and I want to start putting interesting titles out there!

There you have both Indie Games and XBLIGs being a success. The “blockbuster game” still has it’s place. The Avengers tore it up in the box office, and Modern Warfare and Halo do the same. However, independently made and released games are a reality now, due to digital release platforms. The game no longer has to fight for shelf space and shelf-life (company controlled). It only needs to fight over users.

Also you need events. Most anime fans would like to, or do, draw their own anime. Have a workshop where someone teaches the group how to draw. Or, since cosplay is also important, how to make wigs and costumes. That way, when there are local conventions, or one everyone plans to go to as a group, you can also go in costume. Plan these and other anime based events so it’s more than just a weekly “let’s Watch Anime Online together” thing, because that’s not really a club as much as an activity.

Have a Goth Sock Puppet day. Provide teens with black socks and let them make their own emo puppets. They can decorate the puppets with crazy neon colored yarn hair, weird button eyes, and safety pins to give their puppet a punk look.

Meeting: you will meet with whoever oversees student clubs. You most likely will go over the information present in the registration form. Be sure to look professional as you would at any interview.

That’s it – three tips on how to speak fluent Japanese. Learning Japanese doesn’t have to be hard – it’s all about doing the right things (follow these tips!). Have fun while speaking Japanese fluently!