Why Long Term Care Insurance Is Vital – Comparing Nursing Home Costs Over The Last Decade

There is a situation going on that involves a 81 year old lady who has been hospitalized for the past month due to a severe infection in her colon. The infection caused her kidneys to shut down and after several attempts to start dialysis – her physician said that there was nothing that could be done.

Adjustable beds, such as those used in hospitals, nursing homes or for senior home health aide needs were just uncomfortable. Yes, you could lower and raise the head and foot of the bed but that did not make up for comfort lost.

A current bill in congress plans to double or even triple the amount of insurance that military families must pay in order to receive health care. Such an increase would make it virtually impossible for many of these families to pay the premiums. My husband and I certainly could not.

You can pay for the plastic surgery procedure with a credit card. Some credit cards are interest free for 6 months, so take advantage of credit card offers. Just make sure you find out what your credit limit is before you charge the procedure.

Home Health Care is often an option when someone is seriously ill and does not want to stay in a hospital or go to a nursing home. It is best defined as having a medical professional go to the patients home to provide the needed health care services. The actual services that are provided vary greatly dependent upon the patients condition and need. Home health care is readily available in most areas, yet as with anything, some areas are known to provide better care then others.

Unlike other courses that will require the student to get a degree in 4 years, nurses can graduate and find work after 2 years. These programs area namely an Associate Degree in Nursing or AND as well as the Hospital Diploma. Students of these two programs can go back to school later on to further their studies by getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or BSN.

Obviously, there are all kinds of considerations…what about assets, Medicare, the new Class Federal LTC plan, qualifying events, etc, but the above information boils down 80% of of what LTC is about and why it’s important. We’ll leave the subtle tweaks and twists to the other 100 articles on our site and as always, there is sometimes nothing better than picking up a phone or emailing an experienced Long Term Care agent about your situation. We have you covered there as well.