Top 5 New Features In Photoshop Cs4

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So let’s explore the new features in Photoshop CS4 and then decide whether for $199 it’s worth upgrading from CS3 to CS4. If you are still working on an older version of Photoshop such as CS2 or CS then I would definitely recommend upgrading.

But it must be noted that only a professional has the power to understand and use the right Photoshop masking tools with the color match. An outsourcing firm uses the best and advanced designers for doing these complex jobs. It is an ideal way to combine the real and the digital world in images. They are able to even occasionally use the faux mask layer to sharpen the picture in a particular spot. This is one of the most advanced Photoshop elements. When this advanced feature is deployed it does not require a third party plug-in. Most advanced version of Photoshop software has it. The benefits of masking are plenty for many businesses where images play a big role in bringing profits.

Finding the Puzzle Pieces (through channels) Always shoot in color. If we capture an image in black and white then we are stuck with whatever tonal relationships were originally captured and so we won’t have any flexibility in changing them. We also don’t want to just remove all the color from the image. This is what Datat Masking Software File–>Desaturate does.

Let’s clarify what the layer mask in Photoshop is. When the image requires opacity or transparency, there is a need for the layer mask. The portion selected in the image for masking, needs a specific opacity of the layer mask. It is advisable to check the opacity ranging from 0% to 10 % and then from 0% to 50%. The transparency level will be seen clearly as black grayish and light grayish scale. The one that matches with the final composition of the image will certainly will be opted for. If there is an active selection tool then the image results will be clearer. As a general rule 100% opacity means it is white and if it is 0% then it is darker or black in shade.

After making the sizes perfect, it is time for Color Adjustments. Edit levels and adjust the curves of the red and the blues until the new figure is matched with the environment. Make sure that you are applying these changes to that particular layer. You can also adjust Saturation for further improvements.

Go outside, look around at colorful things, take a 15 minute nap, go to sleep for the night and come back the next day or days later. You need to see the image from a fresh viewpoint that you can only see with some time away. There have been so many times where I have woken up the next day and looked at a black and white that I had spent so many grueling hours on and was shocked to see that it looked terrible!