Start A Coffee Shop Business – Building A Road Map Using The Plan-Do-Check-Act Process

Fact: Motivation levels are different in different people. Some people seem to be highly motivated most of the time. But before you think you are one of those people with low motivation think again. Generally we are motivated by things that matter to us, by the things we value, that are meaningful and purposeful to us. Those people who are highly motivated often have a very compelling reason to be motivated; the more compelling the reason the higher the motivation. For most people it is a matter of finding out what it is that compels them and motivation will follow.

For some traders, the AF motivation is so strong that they feel that not losing money is more important than wealth. Hence, they decide to pack up and stop trading all together. For others, they are constantly flipping between these two types of motivations. Some days, they feel energised and want to achieve their goals (T Motivation), so they face the market and work hard to find more trade (set ups). On other days, they struggle to pull the trigger (AF motivation).

5) Think Positively – People who are the most successful at something: whether it be in the area of music, business, sports… you name it; they had days where they lost inspiration. Even the people who are passionate, and were born with a special gift, loose inspiration at some point in time. We fight this by having a spirit of perseverance. We should have an attitude that no matter what, I will keep trying until I see results.

If the point of learn new things videos is to in fact inspire you, then is that all it has to do to be called useful? Well, no. What is the point of being inspired or motivated if you are not going to do anything that will make any type of change in your life? There is a huge difference between being inspired and being merely entertained. If you want to have your life changed in a way that will be lasting, then it is not up to anything external like videos to make that change for you. All these videos or any other type of motivational tool can offer you is a feeling of wanting to do something.

The way that you speak is very important in the business world. A clear and concise speech pattern is the key success secrets to being heard and taken seriously. The use of any slang words such as “you know”, “like…”, “uh-huh” or “uh-uh”, and “ummm” should be eliminated from your vocabulary. This shows others that you do not have a great command of the language, or that you are not able to think on your feet. Watch a few motivational videos to see how the professionals speak, and learn to emulate them. Instead of saying “ummm” while you are thinking, a silent pause will make you sound more intelligent, as though you meant it to be there for emphasis.

I’m not just talking about musicians and writers, I’m talking about artists, athletes, and any other person who needs to find some inspiration for something they want to do.

Your natural born motivation and happiness will appear automatically when you find your place in life and begin doing something you love. Once you find motivation and happiness, you can triumph over life’s obstacles, disadvantages, and discouragements and become as successful as you desire.