Soy Candle Making Instructions – Make A Soy Candle At Home

With candle making becoming more and more the hobby of choice among crafters, different types of candle making molds have become more accessible in the market these days. Choosing which mold is best suited to the hobbyists’ needs requires an understanding of these different types of molds.

Step # 8. When the candle is in place then roll it over once, just as you did the wick. Press down firmly yet gently in order to secure the candle in its place. Roll the sheet over the candle once.

First things first, you need to have an idea about the ingredients with which a soy candle is made of. The main ingredient is soy wax, extracted from soybean oil. This is the main reason why soy candles look shinier than other candles. The basic part of candle making instructions lies in identifying and properly using the ingredients needed in making soy candles. The materials mainly used include a pound of soy wax, an ounce of fragrance oil, wax dye and some cotton wick. You also need a jar where the molten wax is put and stored.

Have you ever thought about making a soy candle yourself by following some simple candle making instructions? Well, surprising it may sound, but you can make your own candle easily and conveniently without spending huge amount of money if you follow these instructions properly. Soy candles are very popular nowadays and are used as gifts, showcase items, toys and so on. Making a soy candle is a form of art and if you have that creative bent of mind it can really become a good hobby or even a profession. So just follow these simple instructions and make your soy candle.

As far as soy wax Candle making workshop supplies go, some of other items that you will need are: A thermometer to check the temperature of the wax, a carving knife to cut the wax, newspapers to cover your work area, and also different fragrances and color dyes that you may want to use for the candle.

Step # 5. Now in the thinnest of the molds make sure that you prepared it with the oil and that the wick is in place. Now pour the wax in to it, take your time and move slow as you do not want to burn yourself.

Step # 4. When the wax is ready pour it in to the mold and let it sit for around 24 hours. When the time has passed remove the candle from the mold and trim the wick to about a quarter of an inch, you are done with all natural candle making!