Several Ways For Writing

You see, you and I are in the same game ie. Internet Marketing. SEO is my hobby and I am lucky to own or used most of the top SEO software there in the market. You name it I own it! SeNuke, MagicSubmitter, SickSubmitter, AutoPligg, IBP, Traffic Travis.

So what you can do is this? Market yourself as an article rewriter tool review, charge about $5~7 for a 400 word article (the average size). Of course, you’ll be inundated with orders, so you’ll have to regulate the flow of orders somehow. Make sure the quality is high, so that your credibility doesn’t go down and your existing clients will continue to order from you. Make sure you get your money at least 50% upfront, or even all of it – because clients sometimes don’t pay afterwards.

You know, Tommy kinda felt like playing them. We did “High Enough” a bit in the summer run last year, and we only did “Coming of Age” a handful of times, like an encore if there was time to do it. It was just something fun and article creators it took us a day to learn. It was just something to throw into the encore.

Now you are going to give this content away for free, but with a stipulation. Post it to an article directory such as Article Dashboard for free. An article directory has two functions. They will distribute or give permission for others to download your article and post it on their own website and they permit you to add a resource box at the bottom of your article;They display your content on the website but as well enable others to use that article on their own sites and more importantly give permission for the content creator to put a link back to their website in a section called the Resource Box.

Currently, the net is a bit like the wild west of days gone by. Ideas, ideas, stories and news wander all-around, commingling freely with other bits of digital info. For any individual attempting to make a residing on-line, it is a lot more critical than at any time to fix your brand on your personal perform. Why?

Don’t hardsell the product, that’s the merchant’s job. Your job is to softsell it – describe your previous problem, how you found the product, how it solved your problem, and the final result. Then just place your link on your website/article.

I have no doubt that the intent of the software may have been to help writers reedit their own work to make it better and get the keyword density o a better level, but people who are less than ethical can use it for nefarious purposes.