Seniors Final Expense Planning

If you have ever bought a life policy in the past, you probably agreed to pay a monthly premium. That is not always the case. Sometimes premiums are paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. But a monthly premium is a very common way to schedule payments. There is one type policy, called single premium whole life, which is different. In this case, the whole policy is funded by one lump sum premium at the start of the policy.

To give you an example, if I had been completely independent when I made my first sale, that $1300 at 80% commission would have have been $1800 if I was at 100% commission and $2100 at 120% commission. That is huge. At 120% commission, I would have made $600 more on my first final expense sale and $1000 more for my first day. Rather than making $2200, I would have made $3200. If you multiply that over a week, a month or a year, you can see the huge difference. Even if I only made $500 more a week, that is $2000 more a month. This extra commission pays for your leads and other operating costs, making this job well worth the effort.

Why did I take the time to share these accounts, well simply to make you aware of what family members are forced to deal with when you don’t take care of your own health or final expenses. It doesn’t have to be this way. The Holy Bible says God has time appointed for each of us, but it also says in the book of Ecclesiastes that we can die before our time. If the latter occurs, wouldn’t you want to be ready? You can be! Simply click on the link below and complete the quote form, so that you can receive everything there is to know about senior care usa final expense insurance. It is nice to know that loved ones have your back, but it is even more assuring to know that you have theirs, and that it has already been handled. Unnecessary stress should be avoided at all cost.

Just sign up for a few companies at 100% commission or higher (120% is optimal), learn how to sell final expense, and generate some leads (or go door to door, cold call, etc.) It’s that easy.

These burial insurance leads also express the fact that seniors who have life insurance coverage will be able to pass this death benefit on tax-free to their loved ones. These seniors know that $255 is not even going to come close to paying for a funeral these days. Some seniors realize this and send these cards in.

Many senior citizens live on very small incomes. After they have to pay for essentials like food and medicine, there may not be anything left over. It is really impossible for most older people to put aside enough money to make sure that their family has cash to pay for these bills.

Some people are in better shape, but they find other good uses for a policy. These people may have lots of assets, but just want to take some of their money and turn it into a larger estate to pass on. Beneficiaries usually get the death benefit without having to pay any taxes on it. This can be a good way to pass on money to heirs.

They just send out mailers or hire telemarketers and they do their best to get you leads (while still charging you $20-$30 per lead). Why can’t you just do this? If it’s going to work, its going to work for you as easily as it will work for them. Some areas just don’t generate leads and some generate tons. Why waste your money and commission to have someone do this for you? Aren’t you in the final expense business to make money? Aren’t you tired of working for someone else? Then why pay for someone to something that is so easy for you to do yourself?