Save Big With A Better Swimming Pool Pump

No matter your set up, every swimming pool you own (with the exception of a kiddie wading pool of course) will require a pump and filter system. You need to be able to make the right choice in these areas because you do not want to be under serviced or buy something that is way too big for your operation.

Tip: For both the skimmer basket and pump basket, try to avoid hitting the baskets on the concrete deck when cleaning. This will lead to cracks in the baskets that will allow debris to get by, risking a clogged impeller or damaged pump. Instead, clean them out with your hands and wash them out with a hose.

New technology allows pumps to run for a shorter time and use less energy, thus saving money. Sure, a new pump is an expensive one-time purchase, but the energy savings from month-to-month will pay for the pump quickly and continue to save money for the life of the new pump. Using fewer resources is a surefire way to protect the environment and your wallet.

Basically, without getting into the facts of pool pump physics, a Sarasota Pool Pump Repairs energy needs increase or decrease at four times the rate of change designed to the pump speed and power. In other words, when you reduce a pool pump repairs speed to half (50%) of full speed, the kilowatts needed reduce to simply one-eighth the energy necessary for a typical single speed pump.

Pump Lid – Inspect the pump lid for cracks that may cause an air leak. A cracked pump lid is a problem that is easily overlooked and will cause the pump to run dry.

After this, you can clean the filter by washing it thoroughly with a hose or bucket of water. After you have done this, you can now replace the swimming pool filter and put the cover back by screwing the part. Again, you can use the rubber mallet to do this. The next thing you need to do is to plug the power again. You can now inspect your pump for any leaks.

Never spray or drip any lubricant in, on or around your pool pump or it’s motor. It may be tempting to do, because after all there is a lot of movement going on there. The bearings on your pump are sealed, so they need no lubing and oil in fact may work to degrade rubber seals that are in the pump. Also, oil will only attract and hold dirt and crud.

Try to buy energy efficient models of pool pumps to ensure better saving of power as well as your money as well. Though today there are so many models of pool pumps available, do not get beleaguered because once you know what you really want the choice of the correct one will become real easy. A swimming pool pump when properly installed can provide you with a great piece of mind. Giving you reliable water circulation for years to come, this one investment is worth every penny you spend on it.