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Have you ever wanted to buy a replica watch, but you had doubts about taking this step? Who wouldn’t want a luxury watch from Italy or Switzerland? Everyone does, but unfortunately, the price is not accessible to everyone. The cost of replica watches is not the only advantage (even if you can’t deny that it is the most appealing one) when buying them. Since I like collecting watches and I have a bit of knowledge on this topic, I have put together a list with 5 arguments to show you that buying a replica watch can be sometimes a viable alternative to purchasing an original one.

You won’t be wearing your watch all the time, and when it is not on your wrist then you should make sure that it is kept somewhere safe. This usually means somewhere secure like a box or a draw which is also dry because damp can cause serious problems in watches. Also be careful that you don’t store any other hard objects alongside it like other items of jewellery as these can scratch the watch.

There is no authorized way for watch buyers to buy used watches and conversely for people to sell them. As a result, companies that deal in used watches are forced to warranty the products themselves. Consider the automobile market: if you buy a used car within the manufacturer’s warranty period, the manufacturer’s warranty still carries over to the new owner. Since cars cost tens of thousands of dollars, shouldn’t a watch costing thousands also have the same policy?

Cleaning the strap. If your Gucci best watch safe has a stainless steel or metal strap, it is OK to clean it with soap and water to keep it clean. When drying it, gently rub the strap with a soft cloth. If you have a leather strap, it is OK to gently clean the strap with water, but you want to dry it as quickly as possible by gently rubbing it with a soft cloth. Any kinds of perspiration or water for an extended period of time can break down the leather.

As mentioned, $5,000 is somewhat over the low end start to luxury watches but that does not mean you can find a really nice watch between $500 and $1000. What makes a true luxury watch often has to do with the brand name and it being a Swiss time piece. Swiss watches are the most sought after and include brands like Jaeger LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Bulgari, Cartier, Patek Philippe and many more. While you may think spending over $1000 on a watch is crazy, in reality that is quite low as most luxury watches average around $20,000. People that buy them think of them as a life long watch they will wear and an investment that can be sold for more money later on.

So how do you know that your choice watch is indeed a worthwhile buy? Below are 5 questions you can ask to ensure that you have made an investment which is of a high quality.

And back in the watch box the watch goes. Now you can see by how you’ve arranged things what’s in store for you in the days to come. The events of your life are diverse and so, then, must your timepieces be. Your watch box, as reliable as that heirloom watch of your grandfather’s is able to keep them all organized for you and ready for you to retrieve them at the times they are most needed.