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NYC Brownstones Harlem – Living in Harlem

In Harlem there are numerous brownstones. Brownstones have been around for a long time within New York City and many people are seeking to move into these houses. The houses come in various sizes and shapes including duplexes, seven-floor townhouses which include elevators. There’s a wide variety of price ranges too! Explore the suburban life in the city when you search to see these gorgeous homes that are for sale near you soon!

What is a brownstone mansion?

Brownstone mansions were extremely popular in the 19th century, as well as some of the most famous people lived in these mansions. The houses are usually three stories tall, and have an attic and basement. The exterior is clad in either limestone or granite. The style is being revived over the last few years to suit homeowners who want a classic design that is more affordable than a mansion for a single family.

Brownstones were discovered in New York City

Brownstones are a distinct New York City housing option. Unlike typical row houses, brownstones are attached residences with three stories, and a storefront on their ground level. Brownstones will often have a built-in fire escape, which is an exterior staircase that goes to the top levels, which is constructed outside of the building to ensure safety.

The story of the brownstones

Brownstones are a form of residential structure that was common in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood during its early 1900s. The first was constructed by architect Andrew Jackson Downing, who developed the brownstone in order to create “a seamless ribbon town-houses” which would be a part of the city. Brownstones are characterized by masonry and brick facades, fences that run along the line of the lot, step-down stoops and exteriors with earth tones. They gained popularity with middle class families due to their low cost, energy efficiency and their small footprint.

What is it that makes us want to live in Harlem?

Harlem is an incredible destination for those who love culture, art, and history. Harlem’s vibrancy is what makes it a wonderful area to live. In addition, it’s close to many cultural sites like the Apollo Theater and Studio Museum in Harlem.

What’s it like living in the brownstone?

Brownstones can be found with lots of character and charm some other properties don’t. This can result in higher property taxes. But, the closeness to transportation, schools and the arts make it well worth the price. For instance, it’s only 2 blocks from Central Park or 5 blocks from Columbus Circle where high-end shopping is located.

Brownstone prices, and why they are so expensive

Brownstones in Harlem are expensive because they are located in a great area that they provide. If you’re in search of the perfect place to live or to make an investment into brownstones, brownstones in Harlem are a good idea. There’s always congestion on the streets, so it’s easy to locate parking. In addition, there’s always plenty of places to eat and drink in the vicinity.


The blog provides a brief history of Harlem’s neighborhood and has highlighted its strengths. It’s important to remember that the 1984 Harlem Renaissance led to the beginning of a boom in culture in Harlem. This blog post provides an outline of what it’s like live in Harlem and focuses on the sense of pride that is taken by the residents of the community.

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