Promotional Article Writing 101 – Part One

There are certain things you need to do to become a successful web designer. I’m talking more about the non technical things, as it’s assumed you already know your bread and butter HTML, CSS, etc…

Those who have read and follow the teachings within The Secret are now enjoying a new book called “Uberman” which views the information in The Secret as a brief introduction to the greater mysteries of life and reality, and takes these concepts much further into realms of profound knowledge through direct experiences.

Companies today still use other types of media, most don’t put all their eggs in one basket. But they often find that if they post a billboard, you have to pay for the bill board if people call from it or not. If you’re in a get inspired, you have to pay for the ad even if no one ever sees or responds to it. A television commercial is extremely expensive, especially if done during prime time and there are no guarantees you will get business.

Puzzles are fun and can be enjoyed solitarily or with more than one person. There are a wide variety of puzzles ranging from picture puzzles of famous paintings, cities, and landscapes to puzzle books that include crosswords, sudoku, word finders and other word and number puzzles. Puzzles come at various levels of difficulty and provide homebound people with a way to exercise their mind and entertain themselves; making puzzles a top ten gift for a homebound person.

Back in 2003 my mortgage business was just hitting it’s full stride. I was experimenting with all kinds of advertising and doing ok with the offline stuff and some of the better internet leads. Then one day I stumbled on an ad buy magazine that changed my world!

Of course, you have to write good copy for your squeeze page. You need to demonstrate strong benefits and you need to understand the problems that motivate your visitors to seek solutions.

Remember…test, test, test. Nothing says you have to spend $1000s before spending $100 or so to figure out what works. Every builder and renovator know referrals work…however, knowing they work and making them work as effectively as possible means taking the time to test a few different methods. Even a couple of the above ideas will start to make that difference in your business.