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I love it when something does what it says on the tin. Growth investing is one such case. What does it mean? Investing in companies that are growing, in the expectation that their growth will be reflected in a growing share price. Easy, isn’t it? The tough bit is finding the right companies. You want to buy the next Microsoft, not the next Betamax VCR.

Ambivalence refers to the uncertainties that are inevitable in one’s life. No matter how hard you try, these uncertainties will always be there, coexisting with you as you reach for your goals. Rather than choosing to escape ambivalence, learn to live with it. lets workout stems from within you in the midst of difficult situations. It is like a lamp that casts light in the midst of darkness. Find out what good remains in things you are uncertain of, no matter how little.

The catagen stage is called the transitional stage because the hair structure changes from alive to dead. In this stage the hair separates from the root and dermal papilla. The follicle shrinks and the dermal papilla temporarily becomes dormant. Blood flow and nourishment is cut off from the upper structure of the hair and is considered dead for all intents and purposes.

growth investing is very much future-focused, though strong earnings growth in the past might be a good indicator of a company that will continue to grow. Growth investors will tend to use a stock screen that looks at prospective earnings growth rather than historical, valuation or balance sheet criteria.

It’s pretty easy to figure out. If you’re the kind of person who tends to not take action when he’s comfortable, by all means be motivated. If you feel being motivated slowly eats away at your discipline, then don’t become motivated. It’s that simple. Even though it’s not done that much nowadays, in the past self-help teachers and coaches used to promote positive thinking and needless motivation. We’ve come to realize it doesn’t work that easily. In conclusion, I’d say, only be motivated if it contributes to the task. If it doesn’t, drop the motivation.

You need to determine for yourself which one works best for your personality. Positive motivation is putting things in front of you that you want and visiting them regularly, thinking about them regularly, and having a vision of what your life could be like with those things in it.

It can be difficult to find a direct measure of your market’s growth rate and size. Lets say you sell office furniture and equipment in your area. The dollar value of all office equipment purchased in that area is your market. Is it going to be easy to find out what that figure is? Not really, so use indirect indicators of your market’s growth rate. For example, if business employment is growing in your area, then is would be safe to say that the need for office furniture and equipment would also. The opposite would also be true. If corporate headquarters are leaving downtown, then you could assume that the market for office equipment and furniture would be shrinking.