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Exit Pupil is a feature of binoculars that relates to your age and the time of day that binoculars are to be used. One should first understand that the pupils of our eyes change with the conditions of the day and our physical age. During the bright daytime hours our pupil may be reduced to as small as 2.0 mm. However, they begin to expand as the day looses light and may expand to between 5.0 mm and 8.0 mm as darkness sets in.

The fist one is the Barska Point N View. It has five megapixels and is one of the most popular binoculars digital cameras today. The best feature people find in the Barska Point N View is the fact that this item is a high quality set of binoculars and at the same time is a pretty decent digital camera.

This maximum expansion depends primarily on our physical age. As a younger person our pupil may open to a maximum of 7.0 mm to 8.0 mm during the evening hours. But as we age the opening may be only 5.0 mm.

Nikon Monarch ATB Binoculars are a truly great set of binoculars. The only thing that I’m not fond of is the ocular lens caps. They don’t stay on well, but that doesn’t really become a problem for me. I don’t usually use the lens caps while hunting. I absolutely love everything else about these binoculars.

Children have a way of playing with everything, so when they use a pair of binoculars they will think it’s a toy. After all they’re having fun, right? Why let them use a more expensive binocular if they don’t understand the need to properly take care of it? Good best ar 15 scope will last decades if they are treated with respect and kept clean and dry.

One problem with higher power binoculars is holding them still while glassing. The higher the magnification, the harder it is to hold them still. I found a really cool trick online that helps a lot. While wearing a hat, simply grasp the bill of your hat with the binoculars. It’s amazing how much that steadies the image.

With a little thought and planning it is relatively easy to find the right binoculars to fit your needs. Even with a product line as wide as the Nikon binoculars it is possible to narrow your choices, and to get the ones that fit you best.