Natural Health Option To Make You Healthier

Got Milk? Health groups, groups often supported by the government and dairy producers, run ads with this phrase often, using happy models with big milk mustaches. According to the dairy council and other government funded health groups, milk, health, and vitality go hand in hand. They claim dairy foods, like milk and cheese, are good for the body, ‘preventing’ osteoporosis and other physical maladies.

It is often said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is definitely true! Apples are actually the best choice for a cleansing and a detoxifying diet program. Aside from that, apples do not contain substances that may give dental problems.

A simple detox diet should contain simple to consume foods and not more on health supplements or herbs that sometimes brings in confusion to the dieter. To plan on a simple detox diet, you have to focus on real and whole foods.

What can we take from overwhelming evidence pointing to a majority of health care professionals joining a majority of Americans demanding real health care reform while it seems so hard to get through Congress? The obvious answer is to consider who the “representatives” actually represent. Too many “representatives” are wholly owned subsidiaries of big business, and health insurance companies want to get what they are paying for.

I asked a Mexican immigrant I know what it really means to be an illegal immigrant. He informed me that when you live in Mexico, a third world country, you have to apply for a border pass. You have to have at least $200 cash saved up and your application has to be approved. He said that he has seen some people’s application take 10 years to be approved or denied. So, those folks that want to have a better life sometimes brave the deserts of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona to get to the United States. I can’t be too mad at someone who wants to live in America, because this is a wonderful nation. I am very mad at the corruption all over the world that pushes people to have to live outside of the law to have a chance.

Third, if the administration and Congress are not going to expand Medicare/Medicaid to all then Mr. Obama needs to drop the public Bupa-Medical. The issue is divisive and appears to be nothing but a shell game. Its a shell game because if Democrats really wanted a public option all they had to do was expand Medicare/Medicaid. Continuing to push for the public option shows a blatant disregard for a significant portion of the American electorate’s position and feelings on this issue. So what if liberals are ticked off that they won’t get a public option. It would be totally undemocratic to totally ignore the fifty percent of the electorate who disagree with you on the public option.

Having a concrete plan is important if you want to succeed on something. Have a diet that is simple to prepare and obtain. Maintain a list of all the foods that should be included in your diet.

You can improve your lifestyle just by picking up your food wisely and by changing to healthy eating habits. Eating healthy is just as important as to follow a regular exercise.