Motivate Yourself Not To Quit Learning On The Guitar

Getting older can be an odd feeling. It’s harder to lose weight, your joints make sounds and you start getting hot flashes–yet you still feel young and alert. What can you do to make sure that you get older and remain active and vibrant?

1) Any guitar with steel strings on it is NOT suitable. There was a time when certain styles of Country and Western and jazz guitars were advertised as “Spanish guitars” for some unknown reason. (I think because they have roughly the same shape as a classical / flamenco guitar). If you look hard enough you may even find a few books of the 1920’s , 30’s, and 40’s which have plectrum style music for these “Spanish bass guitar“. The equation seems to be: Flamenco = Spanish music = let’s play it on my grandpa’s Spanish guitar. Now where did he put those plectrums? Or something like that.

It is really as simple as that. Since having many subscribers is a quick way for you to get more YouTube views, go ahead and ask your viewers to subscribe, if they haven’t done so already. You can always dangle a carrot and promise them immediate access to all your new uploads. You could use an annotation or create a funny and engaging video about why you do what you do and personally invite them to subscribe.

As I said earlier, mastering is different than mixing. Now that you have recorded and mixed your tracks down to a stereo track you are ready for mastering. Go ahead and normalize your file to -6 dB. This will leave you headroom to work with. Don’t worry. When you’re done with the mastering stage you normalize to -.5 dB. Headroom is just like it sounds. It is the space between where you are at and where you want to be in decibels.

Your DAW is the heart and soul of your studio. Treat it gently, and don’t smoke or drink around it. Too many things can and will happen. The last thing you want is for someone to spill a beer on it. Water might be OK, but beer has a lot of sugar and other sticky stuff in it, so celebrate your perfect tracks outside of the studio.

Don’t get discouraged if you are not progressing as fast as you would like (believe me, no one progresses as fast as they want). Break down your ultimate goal into smaller steps and mark them off when you have achieved them. In this way you can measure your success or notice the progression.

If you’re impressed by the ease and functionality of the Pickmaster, you may start looking for your credit card to buy it. However, because there are numerous fake plectrum cutters marketed under the same brand name, you need to be very careful. The most important thing you should do is deal only with a reputable shop that contains different useful gift items and similar gadgets. So, before you shop, find out about the online store’s reputation from client testimonials and reviews. Once you’re certain that this is the perfect place, don’t hesitate to buy your own Pickmaster and start creating customized picks.