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Qatar, Middle East. The weather was near perfect. It was pitch black in this part of the world. The plan involved initial night attacks from the air and via cruise missiles. There was concern about the cruise missiles after the CIA confirmed that a large shipment of Russia’s latest anti-aircraft missile systems had not only been delivered but were fully operational. Many of the targets selected by the Air Force were those SAM and AMM sites. The ones they knew of, anyway.

Look for these in the same places you find other ghostwriting jobs. Sites such as Freelance Writing Gigs, About Freelance Writing and the Writer’s Bridge provide daily job listings. There are also Blogging for Dummies specific job boards such as the excellent listing on the Problogger site. You can also check Craigslist (though be careful to weed out potential time wasters), and you can use Google Alerts to find companies looking for bloggers. That provides a long list of blogging jobs to choose from. Existing ghostwriters might also find that clients ask them to write blog posts for them.

Also referred to in the blogosphere as utility posts. The types of posts that are often a “Top 10 Ways To…” or “The 7 Things You Need To…” and so on. These are great because Blogging the Boys are not only easy to read, but also useful for the reader too.

Avoid repeating past mistakes. Now that you’ve got an idea of what you need to do to fix some of your relationship issues you have to put them into action. This means changing for the better and consciously focusing on better habits. When you do talk to your ex again and she sees how much you’ve changed in a short amount of time she’ll be really impressed.

As a business owner you need local search to work for you. You need your Business Directory listing to show up on the first page of search results for the most common terms that people use when searching for your type of business. You don’t need your website to show on page one when people 800 miles away are searching for local (local for them) products or services.

Create more coaching programs. As you know, more products will mean more sales and revenue. Strive to multiply the number of your coaching programs by working hard, hiring reliable people who can help you out, and by obtaining more topic ideas that you can convert to coaching programs.

Have an Objective: When you tweet your followers, you obviously want them to visit your website, but then what? Before sending your Tweets have a main objective. Driving traffic to your Twitter page is ultimately what you want so you can drive traffic to your site. So determine well in advance whether you want to make a sale, get a lead, have the customer call you, post an enquiry, etc. You will have better responses if you were clear in this area.

There is no doubt you can make a lot of money from home with a top rated home business directory. Targeting the work and home niche can be a tremendous way to earn income from home.