Leadership: The Power Of Extemporaneous Speaking

In the ceremony held by Dearborn Allied War Veterans Council, a Dearborn service club presented a $2,500 check in the name of Dan L. Ryder, who was selected by past Veteran of Year honorees to receive this year’s award. Ryder, who recently retired after 33 years as an equipment operator, is a veteran of an engineering unit in the Vietnam War.

In the year 2007 there were 2,849,349 downloads of WordPress tracked and in 2008 they have already surpassed 11 million downloads. This number does not include the number of downloads and installs from hosting companies which would significantly increase that number.

“He also is involved with the next generation of the team, as he presents RTOC awards to local high school RTOC cadets, and assists with the Michigan Military Moms,” O’Reilly said.

In the case of the motivational guest speaker that I had an opportunity to watch, he did a number of things very well. Chief among these were the compelling stories that he told – when he was doing this he was able to completely hold the audience’s attention.

Did anyone hear the speech? He decried alternative media because it fills the air with various opinions, and he thinks that’s bad – of course mostly because most alternative media thinks he is a usurping liar extraordinaire. So is my going on and calling corporate keynote speaker a liar a liar a fair appraisal? Odd especially in that a former AC progressive once told me “more options are better.” But clearly when the options are conservative media, not so much, huh? Let’s see . . . .

If you’re new to planning corporate events, ask around among your business colleagues for recommendations. If you attend a grand opening or company dinner that impresses you as well-planned and well-organized, make a note of whether an event planner was used, and which one it was. Excellence has a way of being noted, and word of mouth is the best recommendation you can find.

There are so many ways to toot your own horn. The possibilities are simply endless. The key is to actually do it! Many say they understand the value of self-promotion but then don’t take that extra step to get started doing it. Each week take a moment to reflect back on the previous week as to what happened in your world. Was there something newsworthy? Should you be sharing your story? If it’s a good one, others will follow and listen.