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In the last installment of “Claim Your Lane!” we discussed my opinion of mirrors vs. learning to become more aware of the area that one is navigating while on the bike. The next logical question is “What can I do to navigate better on my bike?” The first thing to think about is what I call “Taking the Long View.” This applies to riding alone, in a group, on a straight road or in a curve.

Just 5 miles from Buckingham, enjoy the thrills of British Grand Prix at “Silverstone”. Watch the champions compete to see who the fastest driver is. You will also have the opportunity to see races between classic cars, motorcycles and more. If you want an even more exciting experience, why not try one of Silverstone’s famous “driving thrills or “driving experiences”. This is sure to be a dream come true for any race fan.

These scenarios happen everyday on eBay; I’m shocked by the growing number of scams that appear on eBay everyday. It’s a endemic that is out of control, eBay is a multi billion dollar industry that will be brought to it’s knees by a handful of dishonest people if they don’t get on top of the situation.

The Ford (and Mercury) flathead V-8’s began to fall from favor in 1949, when General motorsykkel started producing V-8 engines with overhead valves. Suddenly the Ford hotrodders found they had to eat the dust of Oldsmobile coupes equipped with the new V-8’s and standard shift. Ford’s new Y-block V-8 was a comparable engine, but it was too little, too late. GM took the lead on all fronts. In 1955 Chevrolet produced its “Turbofire” V-8 engine, also equipped with overhead valves. Almost overnight it replaced the Mercury as the Ultimate Cool Car.

So the blast is one thing. For me, it is just not comfortable to be riding with that wind buffeting me. Plus, at times when we have traded bikes for a while, I’ve ended up with my eyes running so badly from the wind in my face that I’ve been almost blinded. Maybe wrap-around sunglasses would help that, I don’t know.

You can find the traditional magic shows, with no bells and whistles. You can find the larger-scale shows, featuring an assortment of dancers and singers and sexy assistants to entice your entertainment sensibilities. Or, if you’re in the mood for grandiose, you can find a show like Steve Wyrick’s Real Magic. This show is huge, featuring giant illusions, Broadway-like sets, and plenty of lighting effects, women and loud music to keep your adrenaline flowing throughout.

Check the brakes of the bike. Take it for a test drive and see if the brake discs are working properly. A bike without good breaks is a coffin on two wheels. Consider buying from Indianapolis dealers as they allow bike shoppers to try any of the Indianapolis Harley Davidsonmotorcycles available on most motorcycle dealerships in the area.