Jump Over The Plateau – Switch Up Your Workout And Confuse Your Body

When it comes to living a long healthy life you have to bring 2 necessary ingredients to the table, diet and exercise. A lot of people believe that these 2 things are one and the same thing. However it is very possible to be in great shape and still have a lousy diet. It is also possible to have a great diet and eat healthy but still not be in great shape because you’re not exercising.

Pre-Explore other topics and interests Caffeine is a Potent Fat-Burner. Here’s something interesting. Studies have show a dose of caffeine prior to exercise makes your body much more prone to use fat stores as fuel than if you went without the caffeine. Caffeine does this by having your body skip over glycogen as a fuel source and head right for that stubborn fat. This is in addition to the boost it provides to your metabolism and its proven action as a powerful appetite suppressant. For most people caffeine is likely the best fat burner on the market today. Be sure to take yours around 45 minutes before hitting the gym to maximize these benefits!

Basically, the fat on people’s bellies is composed of subcutaneous fat, found underneath the skin, and visceral fat, found deeper in the belly. It is this visceral fat that surrounds the delicate internal organs. Although some fat is needed to cushion shocks, too much is harmful. Excessive fat belly fat, in fact, is related to health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke.

Researchers have found out that at least 15 minutes of moderate exercise per day, equivalent to 92 minutes every week, has increased life expectancy 3 more years, with a 14% decrease in death risks as compared to living a sedentary lifestyle.

Along the same lines, try full-body work outs with “functional” exercises. This allows you to seriously shorten your work out time while keeping things very interesting and highly effective.

To reap the benefits of high intensity interval exercise, you need to do it at least twice a week. If you are looking to lose weight, you should do it 3 times a week. This type of exertion mimics how our ancestors lived – chasing animals for lunch or being chased for lunch! You recreate exactly what your body needs for optimum health that includes the production of human growth hormone (which declines with age), the burning of excess belly fat, and improved cardiovascular health and stamina.

Exercise for obese individuals is not easy. It will take time for you to build up to being able to do a more rigorous routine. If you are consistent and exercise a little each day (or most days), you will find that you have increasingly more energy and can do increasingly more exercise each day. Before long, you will begin to lose weight and to form a nicer body.