Implementation Of The Scheme Education Grants For Minority

This has got to be a first for a nation that considers itself a World Power. The host country China for this years Summer Olympics has established a set of behavioral guidelines called “Eight Honors, Eight Shames.” It is called “Be rong ba chi” in Chinese. It is the set of official core values set down by the current Chinese President Hu Jinato.

There are two main types of cell jammers that are available in today’s market. One is the smaller instrument for blocking the signals between individual cell phones and cell phone towers. Its effective blocking range is about 30 foot radius. This device is widely used now because it is convenient enough to be carried anywhere with you. In fact, compared with the first one, this second device is a larger and powerful instrument. This type of cell phone jammer can block the transmission of a signal from the satellite to the cell phone tower. It can get active within 5 mile radius. Usually this device is produced for the usage of army military forces and 9/11 Research missions, etc.

It’s one thing to be inches away from being Vice President and not really debate anyone about your record or qualifications, but its another to turn that into fame and super-celebrity status and rub it into our faces.

I read a fellow CP’s article. The author used a title that spoke to an historical event that united all of Humanity except probably the Communist nations and in Governmental Corruption my reading and assessing the author’s work I realized the author was indeed tilting at windmills.

If you’ve ever sat in one of these queues, only to have some tired, bored individual attempt to wade their way through the ever increasing complexity of products and services offered by some of todays online trading companies, you’ll appreciate where I’m coming from. Many companies will farm out the most important interface between customer and supplier to an overseas company. Who records the issues that go unresolved and is anything ever done about them?

Is this how the original founding fathers envisioned our government to work? These actions are completely against the spirit of the Constitution and hence are unConstitutional! Is this an example of our elected leaders representing the people? Is this a glaring example of Taxation WITHOUT Representation? Why should we as a people send any more tax dollars to this government? WHY?

The failures of Progressivism are because Man is incapable of doing what they want the way they want it done. Again, as proof, if the CLEAN ENERGY were the real goal, why not let us build atomic power plants? But since that is not an acceptable Means to them, they will delay the achievement of the alleged desired END because they want what they want.

We each have a human responsibility to the greater good; the greater good of our neighborhoods, our families and our society. We must expose the root of greed in our own hearts individually, thus affecting the whole. The rich of our country has preyed on the poverty of the poor which is to our demise. When those with a lot do not share a common responsibility with those in need, a society will eventually crumble.