How To Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

Are you at a point in your career where you feel bored and you don’t find your work meaningful and rewarding anymore? Are you looking for a career boost? Are you contemplating a career change or recovering from job loss?

Whether you’re dedicating 40 hours a week to a job search or devoting an hour a week outside of your current job, continue to take steps toward your next position.

As a icf coaching, that is my mission: to change the way people feel about work; from seeing it as just a paycheck to having it be a fulfilling, rewarding endeavor that is an extension of their purpose and passion. That’s what this article is about: Finding a Career that FITS.

So Joe Carpet More refined doesn’t need SEO to make sure you attract my business. He must get listed with yelp or even citysearch. If you serve customer at a single city or geographic section, you’ll need to turn out to be listed in directories just like these too.

Keep makeup and hairstyles simple and classic. As with your clothing you don’t want your hair or how you did you makeup to be distracting to the interviewer. Opt for a subtle natural look.

Stains or marks. Again, you would think this is a no brainer, yet one employer said he receives resumes with coffee stains on them. Accidents happen, however think about the impression you are making on an employer when you send out a resume that is not pristine.

Focus on opportunities this time off presents. Can you achieve a personal goal or build a skill you wouldn’t have had time to while working? San Diego Continuing Education offers classes from woodshop to timesaving cooking to starting a home-based business. If you want feelings of accomplishment and health, then train and complete a physical feat like hiking up the tallest mount in the contiguous United States, Mount Whitney located in southern California. has many free hiking groups for San Diego residents.

So, if a manager is not receptive to your 30/60/90-day plan, it’s either because (1) you’re absolutely not a good fit for the job; or (2) you’re just not introducing it at the right time. Keep that in mind when you go into your next interview, and I wish you the best of luck.