How To Replace Struts On Your Car

The Kia Sportage is a dependable, convenient four wheel drive vehicle. The Sportage is easily maneuverable and can provide hundreds of thousands of miles of use. In order to maintain your Sportage you should perform regular maintenance duties, such as replacing serpentine belts on the engine. The serpentine belt drives all of the accessories in your vehicle and is essential to proper functioning of your Sportage. Replacing the belts is an easy task that can be performed by any home mechanic.

Check the sidewall of your tires, to know whether they are directional. Directional ones usually rotate in one direction on the road. Placement of tires depends highly on the drive train of your vehicle. Move them to their new positions.

An additional situation is excess weight. Batteries are large! Batteries are finding lighter, but they are nevertheless fairly large (especially if you need an wrench with a good deal of torque… large power = huge major battery).

While inspecting your tires ensure that they have the adequate amount of pressure. When your tires are properly inflated, they are not as easy to damage or become punctured and it makes you safer while riding the bike. If you find a small leak in a tire, you should patch it as soon as possible so and not to create a bigger problem to solve.

If you are working with a carbon-fiber frame and/or seat post, use a Best Torque Wrench Under 100 to set the height to the manufacturer’s specification, or have a mechanic at the shop tighten this properly. Adjust your seat position.

Oil drain pan-You will use this to catch dirty oil when you’re performing an oil change. I recommend the type that not only catches the oil, but you can also use it to transport the oil when you have to dispose of it. Make sure that the capacity of the oil drain pan is at least twice the amount of the oil in your vehicle. That way, you can change the oil more than once or for more than one vehicle before taking the oil in for disposal.

While at the garage or tire store, it’s always worth having someone check all your tires. Tire should always be in perfect condition and it’s not easy to tell this by just walking around your car. It better to get them checked than to have to change another tire.