How To Make Tons Of Money Online By Generating Web Traffic For Free And Google Adsense

Whether you’re interested in ranking higher on major search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, or Google, one of the key elements is to optimize your website. Search engine optimization, or SEO as it’s often referred, is the act of making a web-site more friendly to search engines such that search engine algorithmic search results place the website higher in their results.

Google Analytics is a good and easy way to track your statistics to your website. All you have to do is set up a Google Account and go to Google Analytics and set up an account and paste the code they give you to your website. This will track all traffic to your website and give you statistics on that information.

Now lets take a look at a tool for selecting keyword phrases, I am using Google Ad words keyword tool, but you should vary the keyword research tool you use. Put your keyword into the search box and see what comes up. In this case the competition is medium and the global monthly searches are around 590. Not to bad, the best case scenario is low competition and in the thousands monthly searches. If you come across that combination it can be worth a steady source of income.

For the beginners, we could just use Google Page checker tool to check the page rank on any site of your interest. For instance, there might be a site or link that you are interested to exchange link with. Most of the time, we do not want this link to be lower than the page rank of our own, so therefore, we carry out the page rank check.

13. Where you can make reference to another blog post, article or news item to buttress your comment, by all means please do, as you come out as highly informed this way and increase your chances of being favourably looked upon by the webmaster.

Look at the sales letter. No, I don’t mean “read it” — not yet. How does it impress you? Is it attractive? Are the color combinations pictures testimonials and layout inviting or is it chaotic with clashing colors ugly pictures and looks Keyword Rank Checker Tool like a ransom note?

It’s also important to have your content validated. Search engines spiders are very sensitive and will appreciate a perfect syntax site. So get a XHTML validator, a Javascript validator and HTML validator. These will all check how correct your syntax is and which are the spots which have lacks.

Conclusion: Search engine ranking is not a one day thing. You have to practice patience while using the SEO tools. The good news about SEO tools is that most of them are free to use. Remember Google rewards sites which meet their rules with higher positions in search engine results. Take time and implement on the above SEO tools.