How To Make Money With A Blog – 5 Steps

In early March, RestaurantWeekME was an event held to encourage people to eat out and support local restaurants. Participating restaurants served specially priced three-course menus.

Sometimes the answers aren’t online blogs in what you are doing but what you are NOT doing. Here are 5 common mistakes people make when blogging that you can avoid that will transform your blog from blah to bazaaam!

Some other specifics to consider in your titles are in regards to the nature of your post. If your post is a “how to” or a tutorial, then you should say so in your title. If your post is a little more personal, include something that suggests that. Lastly, if your post is formatted as a breakdown of points, than indicate that in your post title. Lists and bullet points help the reader digest information in an organized manner, so your title should include something that would tell them that your post will offer those organized thoughts.

From data analysis of my other sites, I realized that many of the highest quality traffic came from other places different from search engines (lists, forums, blogs, social media sites, and articles).

Planning: Plan to use your coupons. Don’t go grocery shopping without them, because you will inevitably spend more than you need to. Match up weekly sales and BOGO offers to the coupons you have on hand in order to get the best deals possible. By checking online read magazines about coupon use you will find match-ups already done for you. Bloggers will provide you with a list of the sales, or at least the best sales, at big stores you regularly shop at. They will also list coupons you can use, when the coupon was distributed if it was an insert, links to printable coupons and other information about where to find coupons to lower the final price you pay.

Keep this in mind as you develop your keyword list and began to market your website or blog. Today people are willing to search with longer phrases and this represents an opportunity for you to drive more traffic to your website or blog if you target those phrases.

When you put an effort into the direction of traffic to your personal sales page (which usually redirects your traffic to either your own product or an affiliate product) you can usually see a very good return on your initial investment. The effort as I mentioned usually requires promotion of the website (or sales page in this case) that you set up to sell your product, article marketing, promotion on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and also promoting your sales page through the use of paid traffic or classified advertisements online. This is not as hard as it sounds, but it does require some effort on your part. Remember, money doesn’t just fall into our hands from nowhere.

When it comes to sharing your online content, make sure that you make it clear, concise compelling and educational. Your goal is to make sure that your audience members read what you are sharing, want to read more and share it with their friends. Viral is a very good thing in this particular medium. Always make sure to have your audience in mind when you are writing and when you are posting. They will appreciate it and your business will be better for it. Manage your content very carefully and make sure that it is all that it can be for everyone involved.