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Millions of baby-boomers are now reaching retirement age. With the recent meltdown in the markets, many may be wondering what they can do to insure the lifestyle and income they once were planning for. In this article, I give you my favorite retirement income strategies.

Simply put, a Notice of Default is the same thing as any past due bill. Each state has state-specific laws in place as to when a lender can file and what they can do, but typically, those who receive a Notice of Default are at least two months behind on payments.

As you know the an phú new city quận 2 Market has been turned up side down with all the no money down deals, interest only, and other financial products. These deals have not only harm the economy but has made lenders raise the limits on home buying as well. Foreclosure is at an all time high and is steadily claiming. However, there is opportunity in buying if you have your down payment and the credit score.

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Another property investment strategy is Foreclosures. Many foreclosure prices are significantly lower than the market prices. So again, you are applying the principle of buying LOW and selling HIGH. However, this strategy often requires you to have a substantial cash outlay. You must also perform proper due diligence when researching foreclosures. Are there any other additional liens against the property other than that of the foreclosed note?

For instance, here in Seattle, $800K-900K might buy you a 100-year old house in a nice in-city neighborhood with 1800 sqft and 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 baths and a 1-car garage on a 3000 sqft lot.

Many college students enjoy having roommates. But others prefer to live on their own. If they want to live in a house, the latter likely is not an option for many. But they probably could afford to rent a studio or one-bedroom condo. On the other hand, if students want a roommate or two, they can find a condo that has two or three bedrooms.