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As I watched through the glass windows at the gym I saw what some would describe as impossible poses. I am not a flexible person by nature and at the time I was not very strong physically either. Still, I was very curious about yoga, but perhaps a little intimidated about trying something that seemed, to me, to not fit a person that was weak and inflexible.

It might not be time for us to start building nests or creating stores of food, but we can work on our own state of physical and mental fitness. Taking up a new physical activity can mend our bodies and soothe our souls, giving us the energy and fortitude to see us through with a smile.

Green tea as we all are aware of now contains those antioxidants that aide in prevention of cancer. The antioxidants also help to lessen the time of toxins being in your body. Another added benefit is green tea also increase the making of glutathione s-transferases which are detoxifiers.

These two joints are responsible for holding the ribs in place; if they are flawed in any way, upper back pain will result. In addition to pain medication and rest, treatments will include visiting a chiro care and physical therapist. They will manually manipulate the joints to try and move the joint and relieve your pain.

But it’s not just your neck and shoulders that are put under pressure it’s also your lower back. When the pelvis is tilted back, the beautiful ‘S” shape in your spine turns into a ‘C’ shape. What you’ve got is a personally-generated musculo-skeletal dysfunction.

While some may complain that these alternatives are too expensive, my only comment is: “Have you considered the price of illness?” No matter how chemotherapy is administered it comes with an exorbitant price tag. How about heart surgery? Or blood pressure medicine? Or any prescription for that matter. Medical bills have been known to bankrupt many a family.

One of the first ways to deal with back pain is to see a massage therapist. These people are able to work the muscles in the back in such a way that the tension that is built up in them is released and the pain is alleviated. Massage therapists have specialized training and understand how the body’s muscles work. They are often able to isolate specific muscle groups where the pain is located and target their massage there.

You may not realize how useful your neck is until you can not move it such as when the guy standing next to you asks a question and answering him requires a three-quarter turn of your body.