Getting More From Your Linkedin Connections

Your professional image is largely determined by what’s on your LinkedIn profile. Don’t think for a minute that any – and I mean any – employer who considers hiring you won’t Google you and vet your LinkedIn profile.

You can call it your mission statement, your unique value proposition or even your business plan, but whatever it is for you, it must be defined. Great companies don’t get great without knowing what they stand for. And when it comes to communicating online, if your purpose isn’t clear, you risk being just another face in a very big crowd. Before you even begin to think about your presence online, you need to know what it is your company stands for and what it is you have to offer.

There is a page that operates as an application dashboard. You can see a screen capture on the Sierra web page. A Chrome icon in the top left corner of the screen launches that page. From there I launched Facebook, Google Docs, etc and put in my logons for each. I couldn’t change or add any items to the control panel. I assume that will change. For unlisted applications, like My LinkedIn, I launched them in the browser and set bookmarks.

Content, content, content. Content is king. We have all heard these before. The problem is that too many blogs still don’t provide quality content. Practical, useful, insightful, honest, and helpful content, that provides the information that your audience is looking for, is by far the best way to build an audience. Quality content is your way to prove to your audience that you know what you are talking about. Then your audience will begin to trust you, your information, and your blog. Quality content is what will bring them back for more. These same people will then choose your products and services over your competition’s. Always remember, that the quality of your content is much more important that the quantity of content.

We talk about your central hub where people are coming to see you. Make it look great! More important, offer a free gift in exchange of the personal data: name, email and phone number. It can be a free report, an e-book or “how to” video tutorials. If it’s very valuable, you will generate a lot of blog leads.

Contest sponsoring is another great way to get your business name and products out onto the world wide web. To find them, go to your favorite search engine and do a keyword search for contests, sweepstakes and blog contests. You don’t need to donate a big expensive prize, a lot of the web sites looking for sponsors, usually except a prize donation of less than $25.00 retail cost.

You want a system that operates just like a GPS navigation. When you use the GPS it gives you different routes to take just in case something is not right about your planned route. A system will give you different strategies that you don’t have to master all at once and it’s up to you to choose the best one that works for you. If one route doesn’t work try another one. The beauty of the system is you can customize it to fit what works for you. You have a variety of ways to pick but the key is to focus on one. Otherwise you will be lost like how I was on my first road trip to Atlanta for 12 hours. And you may get lost as well but over time you will find what works for you.