Get Your Degree Now! – Scholarships And Grants Available For Mothers Who Work

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Well, the good news is that there still is hope for you. You can still accomplish that dream you cherish of getting a college education. Yes, as a single mother there are free Merit Scholarship and grants specifically designed for your demographic, which means there has been money set aside specifically for you! The government provides free money for you to go to college (make sure to check out the Pell Grant and fill out the FAFSA form on their site. It paid for my tuition and books).

Start early. The college my daughter chose in the end is the same college that she visited during her Freshman year of high school. She also spent the summer after her Sophomore year at a camp at the same school. Visiting schools early my kids excited about the college process. It helped us to formulate their high school programs, as we knew what the schools they were interested in wanted them to study. There were no surprises when it came time to fill out college applications. Also, she developed relationships with faculty that proved to be very useful.

The first step in getting a Scholarship is to know what it is and how it will be gained. What is a Scholarship? It is a financial aid provided to a student to let him/her study further without worrying about the cost of it. They cover the educational cost of a student. The answer to the question does not end here. It is necessary to know the different types of such financial grants available. There is no hard and fast rule to award a financial grant to students. Although every university or college Scholarship is awarded on the base of individual rules and regulations decided by the board, but the main types of it are almost similar in every institution.

Two years later Phil Gordon was offered to be a software architect by Herb Madan, in his company Netsys Technologies at Palo Alto, California. By the blessings of LAN and WAN market the company was purchased by Cisco Systems for $95 million. It made Phil Gordon rich man overnight. This poker player went across six continents and fifty countries. He has been to the islands of Zanzibar where he swum with the white sharks. He has climbed almost half a kilometer of Mount Kilimanjaro. With the Land Cruiser he ran over 20,000 kilometers in Australia. Phil Gordon knows how to live life king-size.

Did you know that you can take the tests as many times as you want? For both the ACT and SAT, you can only increase your score by taking the test multiple times. You get to keep your best scores across all tests.

I am sure that I didn’t include every iota of information that you need to find the right fit for your college age homeschooler. This has been an overview based on my research and experience. Come back in the following weeks as I dig deeper into each of the topics mentioned above to provide you a full guide for getting your homeschooled child into college.