Get Your Blog Indexed – 3 Easy Steps To Getting Your Blog Indexed

Blogs are everywhere on the internet. It’s one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to create your piece of internet real estate. Many of them have great content and add a lot of value to the internet community, but they lose me because of the a poorly chosen theme. In other words, their theme sucks. Sorry if that sounds a little harsh, but it’s true.

As a webmaster you have to put yourself into three different pairs of shoes. First, the search engines. How will the search engine know what your page is about? Yes, there are numerous elements on a page that communicate this to the search engine. However, the actual page URL is a large one. Make it easy for search engines to know what your page is about. Second, keep in mind the searcher. So your web page appears in the SERPS. What do they see? will p=123 mean anything to them? Yes, they will see the page title, etc, but they also see the URL. Clear URLs will ENTICE clicking! You want searchers to click to your site, right? Third, your website visitors needs to know what page they are on, the URL is a large clue. Make it easy for your readers!

Use it for a protected download area. This is better than simply using a password protected WordPress page. On the page there is only one password – it can easily be passed around. In WishList, everyone has their own username and password so it isn’t as easy to distribute it.

Aside from making your own products or selling your own stuff, there are other ways you can also make money with a cosplay blog. Do you ever wonder how media entities like magazines, TV programmes and even news sites make a lot of money? They make a lot of their revenue through advertising. They present something entertaining or informative and get lots and lots of people to see their content while on the side, they advertise with commercials.

When I first started out as with one of my first internet income business idea I decided to use a self hosted Mer information. I spent what seemed forever loading this platform onto my site. It was so complex that I was near to banging my head against the wall. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way any more.

Well at one point I didn’t know either but started to do a little research. It’s funny how that work’s. You get a question that needs answering, then it creates an action, and finally we have a result. So here we are talking about SEO.

CMS stands for “Content Management System” or “Content Management Software”. There are plenty of other CMS systems. Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine just are few examples. Each of those platforms has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each has its own community of fans and supporters. There are both open- and closed-sourced, free and paid, run on various operating systems and written in various programming languages.

Did you notice this? Portfolio, magazines and all sorts of other, non-blog types of sites built upon blogging engine. This is exactly the point! Pick right theme and plugins, customize your settings and you’ll get just any type of site you want. This alone makes WordPress my personal favorite CMS.