Get Ready To Savor Spring With Your Kids In Des Moines

The inner city is defined as inside the Beltline also known as 440. There is a second loop being built starting in the northern part of the city called 540. Most of the roads in the city run north/south or east/west. It is recommended that you either use a map when trying to locate attractions as the city sprawls across such a large area.

Join actors from the Star Trek universe as they recreate the classic radio thriller. Originally performed by Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre of the Air, War of the Worlds caused a nationwide panic in 1938, as unwitting listeners believed that hostile Martians had really landed in New Jersey.

Lake Johnson is another fine hiking choice. The trail around the animated remote control complete lake is about five and one half miles. In season black berries can be found on the West side of the lake. The park facilities at the lake include paddle boat and small sail boats. The hike around the lake is in the woods along a paved trail for most of the trip. There is a brief portion of the trail opened to the lake.

Lie to Me (Fox, 9pm) – NEW! The Lightman Group’s expertise is called into question when a woman plays cat-and-mouse with Cal while he’s checking for security leaks at an art museum prior to a major exhibition. Guest starring Tricia Helfer.

At the Museum of flight you will really enjoy yourself as the history of flight comes to life right before you eyes. This museum has a wonderful array of fun activities to offer for every age. You can do things like touring the original Air Force One jet or sit yourself behind a modern day jet flight simulator. You will find yourself entrenched and amazed as you explore the history of both personal and military flight. It is so much fun that the admission price is well worth it but remember with the city pass you are getting a great deal and paying only a fraction of what everyone else. Even at the full price this is still a recommended attraction.

Dinosaur exhibits have always been extremely popular in St. Louis. The “Dinosaurs Unearthed Exhibition” which arrived November 7, 2009 continues through March 28, 2010 at the Saint Louis Science Center. I remember another exhibit they had there years ago when I was growing up.

The Red River Valley Fair in Fargo, North Dakota isn’t very exciting if you don’t have much time or money to spend. If you have an unlimited pass, it could be quite fun, though. Before heading out to the fair, make sure it’s going to be worth your time – check out the schedule at the Red River Valley Fair’s website.