Estate Law Planning To Prevent Litigation

Much has been taught from a carnal viewpoint about ‘Abraham’s blessings’. But now that God is restoring the Headship of Christ to the church, and doctrine is coming through living apostles, what is the truth concerning ‘Abraham’s Blessings’?

While it is true that God cares for, and provides for His children, this is not the blessing of Abraham. We are not arguing against the care of God for all the spiritual and physical needs of His children. We are taking a stand against the false doctrine which puts the blessings of Abraham out of the spiritual, and putting it into the natural (carnal).

The avocat insanitĂ© d’esprit only functioned as a teacher, or rather a caretaker. Up till the time when Jesus came, the people of Israel were like minors in God’s house: what was promised belonged to them, but they could still not have it. They could only have it when Abraham’s Descendant, Jesus Christ would come.

It is hard to imagine the sin of the whole world upon one man who knew no sin. God could not look upon the incomprehensible burden Jesus was heavy-laddened with. That’s just a peek of how dirty sin is to our Father in heaven. Still Jesus took that dirt upon his life and was obedient unto death. He could have called ten thousand angels. But Jesus was obedient till death. So never think that obedience is not necessary for a righteous life. Jesus knew that if he called upon the Angels with the power of the spoken word, Satan would win.

In general, the sinner is unable to provide in this way “for want of judgment.” How many “well-intentioned” fathers have spent their lives pursuing money only to find that money takes flight from them because of their sin. “Much food is in the tillage of the poor,” (the sinner may have a lot of money coming in) but much of it may be lost to alcohol or drugs or gambling – or even worldly “entertainment”.

Jesus had spent a thousand years in heaven with the Father as one with him. Reconciling his creation that he had breathed his very life into was a fixated desire of God, and Jesus made that possible. So never wonder why Jesus is now at the right hand of the Father, given all authority and power over God’s creation. It is for this reason that he is the only one worthy to open the book of life and to be the Prince of Peace and High Priest seated on the throne and to speak our futures at the Great White Throne of judgment. He is the only one who truly understands mercy and justice and that is what he will judge us on.

Even in America, Baal law reigns supreme. It will take the return of Christ to establish a truly just and fair society that rewards hard work and wise thrift without cursing it with unchecked accumulation of wealth that also destroys. In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth. God speed the kingdom. Till then, be aware of the changes coming to the ‘death tax’ and seek wise council to preserve your children’s inheritance as best you can.