Essential Equipment For The Wedding Photographer

Brides – tell your Dad to get ready in good time. Dad has worked out that if the service is at 1pm, it takes 10 minutes to get there, it takes him 10 minutes to get dressed and 10 minutes to have a shower, so he can start to get ready at 12.30. In fact the photographer might be getting there at 11.15 and leaving to go to meet the groom at the church at 12.15, so there are now no pictures of bride and dad at the house.

Inspect the work – yes, most or all wedding photographer should have a library of work for you to review over. Hence it is a good idea to request a ‘show and tell’, and have an idea of their photography style. By observing their style, you will be able to judge if the photographer’s style and personality will suit your requirement.

You might also want to have your picture in front of the even more famous statue of King Kamehameha that stands in front. Clothed in gold native Hawaiian garb, King Kamehameha stands with his arm outstretched welcoming all. A great touch for your photos that truly says ‘Hawaii’.

Talk to people in the area of the photographer to find out if the professional wedding photographer company you are considering has burned any bridges in the area. You will find, most people will be more than willing to recommend a company or tell you to avoid the company. Word of mouth can be your best way of finding out how a business is really run.

Preparation also involves going to the church and hotel before hand to take a look around and pre-select locations for your photo shoot. Go at the same time of day a few weeks before hand. Find out where the light will fall and what objects may be in your way.

Two. Choose a photographer centered on his/her model. If you like his/her pictures from past weddings, then you are going to probably like the images they seize at your wedding!

What “must have” people or groups need to be photographed at your wedding? Special aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Was your veil worn by your mother at her wedding? Your photographer does not know the people who are most special to you so be sure to assign a trusted friend to carry a list of the groups you wanted photographed and be in charge of gathering them together before the ceremony, after the ceremony or at the reception. Make sure that you alert those people that you want them to be in photographs and when and where to be.