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3-d has undoubtedly made a splash in the console gaming industry, but we are even more enthusiastic about the 3d PlayStation 3 releases scheduled for this year. Here’s my Top Five 3-d Ps3 video game titles I want to to get my hands on…

A numerical keypad is included on the large keyboard which means handling MS Excel spreadsheets will be much easier. At 6.6 pounds, the weight of this laptop is same as other laptops in this category.

It weighs a mere 4.5 pounds and gives you 5 hours of computer time on one battery charge. It has a built-in iSight Camera, as well as built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

Favorite novels that may have gone by the wayside because you never had a moment to read should be available to you now. Bed rest during pregnancy is a great way to catch up on new reading and to read some old favorites. If your bed rest is for a significant duration of your pregnancy try reading some longer novels that you may have overlooked in the past. You can also read kid books out loud to your little unborn baby at this time.

Your next test will determine if you’ll get any kind of a job in a casino. The drug test. Most do a urine test and some do a hair test that goes as far back as far as seven years. If you have done any kind of drugs or have a felony you won’t be hired. It’s as simple as that. If you are going to work with large amounts of money then you have to have a clean record.

Some people may be concerned about not finding the games that they want to play. However, with this system a person can rest easier because they can find the games that they want to play quickly and easily. Then they can start playing them while getting in shape at the same time. At times a person may even find some games that are not on any other system.

This laptop is a good buy for those people who need a solid general laptop for those every day tasks. It is not a gaming machine though and you are best to look elsewhere if that was your primary use of a laptop. This model is better suited to home and small office users who require a good all round processing machine.