Cat Furniture – There Are Many Nice Options For Your Feline Friends

Have you ever gone to an animal rescue where the cats are treated royally? Me neither. Most shelters have stacks of cat carriers as well as a playroom with cat beds and cat toys. The playrooms are crowded with cats, some of which don’t particularly like being with other cats. I thought this was pretty much the norm until I read about the Washington Animal Rescue League.

So after canvassing the lost pet ads and looking at posters on nearby poles there was no one searching for a lost kitten so we took her to the veterinarian who said she was already fixed but had asthma. It seems that she was abandoned by her previous owners so we decided to keep her provided our existing cat would accept her.

People with disabilities attend the agency’s Adult Growth Experience day program. If someone donates a few sewing machines and/or sergers, the students can learn how to finish a project from scratch. It gives participants a healthy sense of pride to be able to start and finish a project that will be of practical use.

If you use rugs, you’d sew two of them together and leave one side open for the stuffing/fill material before you’d sew it shut with a zipper so you can wash it. Let’s first discuss how to sew a cat bed with softer fabric than two rugs. Wash the fabric in slightly warm or cold water and iron it. You’ll get rid of chemicals and starches in the fabric and go through shrinkage before you start to cut and sew.

You need to do more than just treat your cat. The fleas are in your carpet, furniture and bedding. Vacuum thoroughly and wash all the bedding, including Kattehule. Borax kills fleas by dehydrating them. It is available in the laundry isle at your local grocery store. Sprinkle it on, grind it in with a squeegee or dust mop and leave it. Use it on your furniture also. It won’t hurt the furniture or carpet. Make sure you cover cracks and corners.

If you choose to work with rugs not likely to unravel with chewing or scratching, as an alternative to fabrics, you might like to use two throw rugs, about 24 inches square sewed together and stuffed with pillow batting. Sew all around except for one side and put Velcro around the one side you want to remain open to replace the batting.

Note: be careful not to make your cat run or walk too much the first few days because it could be dangerous. Make the process slow initially and increase the rhythm little by little over time.

There are lots of condo designs that you and your cat will be pleased about. For your cat, the piece of furniture will be a means to play and relax. For you, on the other hand, it could be a great aesthetic addition to the living room or to any corner of your home. Cat condos are not designed to be plain despite the fact that they have been built to make domesticated felines relax. But what are the specific features that can make the furniture successful ?