Blogging Tips And Tricks

I discussed a bit about niche blogging in my last article, “Why Do You Want To Blog”, and I wanted to further elaborate and point out a few niche’s you may want to explore. Although it doesn’t have to be, niche blogging is typically for profit. With that being said, if you really think about it, all blogs could be considered niche blogs, right?

(2) There is no requirement to send multiple emails to your friends and family. Once you are writing a travel tips, write it once and your friends and family can subscribe to your blog and they are automatically acknowledged when you make an entry.

When you are out and about, enjoy yourself, but stay aware of your surroundings. Look around; are you going into an area that doesn’t look right? Is there som one watching you, is there a group of people who look out-of-place? Don’t listen to your MP3 player. You need to hear what’s happening around you. Let someone know where you will be going.

But there were downsides as well. You have to be able to motivate yourself, if you really want to make a living while you travel. There won’t be a boss to tell you every minute of the day what you have to do. That is nice, of course, but you will still have to get things done, so you better get yourself organized. And you have to be prepared to put in more than the eight hours daily you would do at your job at home. As with anything you’ll do freelancing you have to be willing to work hard – that’s not really a problem though, because you will be doing something you love! At least, that’s how it was for me.

Social networks MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Digg, and countless other social networking sites can put you in touch millions of people. If you do not have a MySpace or Facebook page, go and set one up now! Just think of all the people you can reach by advertising your website on social network sites.

Other popular travel blogs are by retirees.The ones fortunate enough to be able to choose an exotic location to live and play after getting through the rat-race. Not only can they share information for future tourists, but they are ideal to supply answers for others thinking of a state or country to retire to!

I’ll be writing more in the future about basic tips, because I have had so many newbies ask so many simple questions. In sum, remember this. People want to help you. If you have good content, you will find that people want to spread the word. Figure out ways to make that easy on them. If you do the footwork to let people help you more easily…. people will help you.