Beauty Professionals – Marketing Yourself Can Be Fun

Being thrifty is sometimes seen negatively with words such as cheapskate, tightwad or penny pincher. There may be jokes about making Mr. Lincoln go so far he has sore feet. If a business saves $500 in a year it’s not nothing – and saving that or more in your household is definitely something!

Now before you start going out and making a sign for your car, there are some things that you will want to know. For starters, you can’t neglect the rules of direct response marketing. Lead with strong headline that shows your prospects what’s in it for them, and make your contact information very visible.

Enjoy being pampered like a queen (or king!) on a commoner’s budget. Most areas have at least one Salons school in the vicinity, and these colleges usually offer spa and salon services for pennies on the dollar. Enjoy an indulgent manicure with a paraffin wax dip, a delightful pedicure to treat your tootsies, perhaps even a hot stone massage. Students have oodles of training and are overseen by experienced teachers, so no need to worry about safety or slip-ups.

Thank you modern medicine for eliminating the need for disgusting toothpastes. But what about making the teeth whiter? While most people recognize Barber Shops as places where men get their hair cut, it was once used as the local dentist. Individuals seeking a brighter, whiter smile would have the barber file their teeth and coat them with an acid.

Be up front and let them know that you are interviewing braiders and would like to come by to meet them personally. If they object, take them off your list. Otherwise, plan your visits within two to three days of each other so each experience is fresh in your mind and you can make a sound decision. If you’re choosing to have your hair braided in a salon, you can usually walk in during normal business hours without an appointment. I still recommend making the arrangements ahead of time as a courtesy.

Ask your current tenant if they know of any one who is looking for a rental. Ask them to spread the word among their friends and co-workers. If you have a good relationship with the tenant they should be willing to help you find a renter. Offer them a one or two hundred dollar reward if they find a new tenant for you before they move out.

Don’t let your children carry a slingshot or BB gun in Nome. They will be breaking one strange Alaska law if they do. The law also prohibits air guns, and bow and arrows. The law does not prohibit using those devices in authorized locations, however.