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The first step to a relaxing, stress-free vacation is a well-packed suitcase. Use these ten travel tips when you pack your luggage .Then relax in the security of knowing that you have included exactly what you need for your long-anticipated or spontaneously planned vacation.

A common complaint among golfers is slow play by other groups. There is a lot you can do to avoid this. Be ready when it’s your turn to play a shot. Stay just behind the game in front of you to avoid longer waits for the group behind. Play your shot and move on. Mark your card at the next tee. Courtesy to other groups goes a long way toward everyone having a great time.

Purchase tickets online for any attraction you may be visiting. You will generally pay a nominal fee for this service, but you won’t have to wait in ticket lines when you arrive. Some parks offer things, such as timed entry, which will allow you to skip the long lines at the admission gates.

Research any needed visas that may be required for your destination or any country you will be traveling through. You may not be able to travel with the documents you already have, so be prepared to get the visas you need and plan ahead. Call the embassy in the country you will be visiting, or simply ask a Disney World Travel Agent.

But wait…that’s not all. Coming to their website [by the end of March 2011] will be a new “Wise Ask!” button. Now for what could be the first time ever, you have access to a website where you set the terms and the owners bid for your business if they can fulfill your request. Feel like a weekend getaway in a place that has two bedrooms, parking for your car and jetski trailer and is within a five minute walk to the water? You set the terms, owners respond with availability and price.

Summer is when tourists flock everywhere. But you can still go for quieter places, which may not be as frequented but perhaps the most relaxing for anyone who wants peace of mind. Autumn time in Costa Rica is going to be very affordable, since the period between the wet and dry season in the destination is when tourists are still planning their trip there. Travel to New Zealand when it’s autumn there. The prices are still low but the view of the golden flora is absolutely stunning. Fall is also when school starts so destinations won’t be too busy.

Another aspect that makes this theme so easy is the plentiful fruit available at most grocery stores today. Coconuts, pineapples, bananas and citrus fruits can be scattered or grouped on surfaces to enhance the party. Not only is it realistic decoration, everyone can take pieces of fruit home with them. You aren’t limited to these, any exotic fruits can help create a warm and fun environment.

Whether you decide to go for the cruise or the all inclusive Caribbean vacation, you will have a wonderful time. There is nothing better than relaxing on the beach with a fruity cocktail to pass the time away. While you are on your dream vacation, your thoughts of your work will be thousands of miles away.