A Brief Guide To Gold Coin Investing

The biggest question that is asked is “What is a challenge coin”? Simply put, a challenge coin is a non-currency collectible coin from a unit or organization that shows off their logo, symbol, motto, or anything unique from the makers. The biggest category is Military Challenge Coins, but there are Civilian, Federal, Organizational, and other countless genres. This hobby has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world. What was once limited to mainly U.S. collectors that were prior military has advanced to a global collecting frenzy. The next big find on a rare or perfectly design challenge coin is right around the corner.

When should I make an investment? In the stock market, the spot price is the base price for precious metals like gold. The coins’ values are a bit higher than this spot price. If you want to know the accurate value of your coins, you need to check daily the rise and fall of the gold spot price. When there is drop of price, it is the right time to make an investment. There are several types of gold coin you can freely choose to invest in. These include gold bullion challenge coins custom, numismatic gold coins, American gold eagle coins and others. Other national gold bullions include the Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Kruggerands, Australian nuggets, Mexican 50 pesos and the Austrian 100 Coronas. Apart from all of these mentioned coins, there are several others to choose from.

When you start getting in to the more difficult-to-find coins, few can be obtained for under $500. For moderately rare silver coins, a good lower end budget is $500 per coin.

You should also avoid coins that have paint, stickers or discolorations on them. Some old coins have a rainbow sheen and look pretty. This sheen comes from old storage methods, and most serious collectors consider it damage.

There are some rare Morgan dollars that command prices in excess of $100,000 today, such as an 1895 proof. An 1893-S Morgan dollar in tip-top shape can fetch roughly one million dollars at auction and an uncirculated high grade 1884-S can bring up to $750,000. One has to wonder how many of these were melted thanks to the Pittman Act.

U.S. military challenge coin design represent numerous things. They can be given for going beyond the call of duty or as a remembrance of a special situation. The reason for which the coins are given is one of the things that make them valuable – not just monetary value – but as a possession that has a deep personal meaning.

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