13 Niche Blogging Areas That Will Make You Richer

Even if you have this gift-giving thing down pat, it’s likely the thought of buying a gift for his mother leaves you quaking in even your cutest black suede booties. Never fear! There is a gift out there just perfect for even the most fearsome mother-in-law, as well as the nicest mother-in-law. Wherever your man’s mother falls on the spectrum, consider getting her one of these gifts this holiday season, and watch her eyes glow with delight.

Choose an obscure domain name. Make sure the name you select has no relevance to the content of your site, to you or your business. Whatever you do make sure the domain name contains NO keywords that would indicate what your site is about and attract attention when someone searches for a site with your content or product.

And with that said, make sure your article is not a sales pitch only. Your article should contain good information but leave an avenue for the reader to want more information. Most readers will know when they are reading an obvious sales letter and will likely not click on your links. Every article must contain nuggets of good information to create credibility and trust from those who will read it and continue to follow you.

Think about what KIND of wedding you want to have. When your guests are walking away from your wedding, what would you like them to say about your day? Would you want them to say that it was personal? Romantic? Thoughtful, Fun, Crazy? Or more laid back, enjoyable and relaxing? More formal or informal? Glam or genuine? Write down a few adjectives about what you want your wedding to be like and start building ideas from there. You will have a guide to go by, and this will help you know what NOT to include in your wedding day.

There is no new ground breaking concept behind Traffic Geyser. In fact, there are other video uploading programs that perform similar tasks. When I first started video marketing I used a free program called TubeMogul that saved me hours of upload time. It allowed me to create profiles and submit videos to 7 video sharing sites including YouTube while also providing statistics for each submission. This worked great for about a month; until I realized the majority of my time was now spent submitting my video to bookmarking sites as well as Norwegian fjords sites, trying to leverage myself with the power of web 2.0. Searching for a solution, I used my friend… Google and soon found Traffic Geyser.

There are many online resources teaching the ins and outs of trading. A great idea is to subscribe to some of the top traders’ blogs, or even take part in a broker’s beginner account/game. This will allow you to practice trading without risking any money. Once you are ready to move on, you can simply upgrade your account to start making real trades.

So, I will not do anything to avenge myself, and I suggest all of you in similar circumstances learn this lesson and do the same. For God has bigger plans for us all.

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